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London Ontario web design by Frugal Websites. Inexpensive web design and hosting of professional looking websites. Complete web design and hosting package for $94.92 a year including HST! An inexpensive to darn right cheap alternative to others offering web design and hosting.

What business can't benefit from having a website and Internet presence?

How many of your fellow professionals or competitors have the advantages of a website? Each day in the London area who knows how many people go searching for businesses on the Internet that do what you do, will you be there?

Is the only reason you haven't gotten a website been the cost? If it is, I have the solution, I've put a package together that any small business can afford. It's not an introductory special, it's the price.

Do you require something that's a more than a basic website, I can help you there as well at very reasonable prices.

The Advantages Of Me Designing & Hosting Your Website!

1. Not being charged a high price for web design.
2. Not having to find a good, reliable and cost effective host for your website.
3. No software to buy and learn
4. No editing of graphics
5. Not having to learn what META TAGS are and using them.
6. Not having to find someone to customize the prepackaged design you selected.

Here is the deal. Professional web design and hosting of your website for only $94.92 a year including H.S.T. There are NO additional monthly fees. Next year the rate stays the same or goes down.

You can register a domain at GoDaddy which allows you to point your domain to any host. In the event I have a heart attack or become part of the grill of a Mac truck you always have your domain.

1. Web Design and set up a professional looking 5 page basic website using a template, basic graphics, photos supplied by you, pictures I take or free commercial photos.
2. 1 email address if you want one ie:
3. Hosting for 1 year
4. Minor updates and changes to pages over the year.

Your website can be up in two days. My number is 519-681-2555, call now, operators are standing by. (Sorry I couldn't resist). smile

Are you part of a club, sports team, church or other non profit group? I have an extra special package for you. Same deal web design and hosting for the year only $53.68 including H.S.T.

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